Thursday, December 25, 2014

Some kind of introduction, I guess

Hey guys,

I'm Lea and this is my book blog "all my fictional lives"
I love this design, it was made by a friend of me Kuecki.
Her english book blog is just as new as mine and I guess she'd cherish your views and comments!

But to get back to me, I already have a german blog because I love reading and talking about my books. I like to be connected with other readers so I thought that I should get more international^^
English, for me, is a foreign language, this blog is for me to improve my skills, so please excuse any mistakes I am going to make cause that will probably happen. Constructive criticism is desired of course!:)

I am probably going to talk about YA books as well as dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction. But that's not all; I hope that I'll find cool tags and other topics to discuss with you and I hopw that we'll grow a little family here on all my (our) fictional lives.  Reading is dreaming with eyes open, so read as much as you can and cherish every single letter because life is too short for a "bad" book.

Love, Lea


  1. Hey Lea,

    I'm so glad that you like this design :)
    This was a really good introduction, I loved the quote at the end of the next and that you see your follower as an special kind of family.
    I can't wait for more posts :) ♥

    Kuecki ♥

    1. Hey Kücki,
      thanks again for this design. It just fits to my style very well!
      I guess, this isn't a quote, or at lest I don't know. I just wrote it down..
      But still, thannks ♥

  2. Hey Lea,
    I just followed your blog and looked on your other one.
    It seems we share a very similar taste in reading.
    Just one thing about the design. The snow flakes really slow down your blog for me
    and it is a little annoying so I wouldn't do that.
    But still a very nice color concept.

    Greetings from Sarah

    1. Hey Sarah,
      Thanks for following, I really do cherish this :)
      Really? I guess, I'm going to check this at your blog^^ Oh really? Maybe you're right, I stopped them, thanks for the tip!
      Thanks for your comment, really.
      Lea ♥

  3. Hey :D
    I really love your Design ♥
    And i'm really curious about new posts on your new blog :D
    So you have another new follower :)


    1. Hey Haveny,
      thanks for everything! Guess I'm going to look at your blog right now^^

      Lea ♥

  4. Hey Lea,
    Thank you very much for coming to my blog! I've said it already, but blogging in a second language is brilliant.
    Your German blog looks awesome (although I can't read it). I'm looking forwards to seeing what you do with this one.
    You mentioned wanting to connect with more English bloggers. You should contact Bella ( and because she can speak German and you could have conversations in German and English. The idea sounded better in my head.
    Enjoy blogging :)

  5. I think, some people would say that life is too short for reading. What's about discovering own adventures ? Wouldn't this be better than reading other peoples (fictional) lifes? Btw. Do you also write by yourself? I think your is quite good as far as I can tell so but sometimes fehlt der letzte Schliff ;) I know how difficult it can be, so you can be proud on yourself ;)